Indigenous Women at Biz Con

Providing Indigenous Women in Business Speakers at the Event

She Rises Collective

Sessions at This Event

Hear from indigenous women in business who are blazing trails.  

  • Monday, Oct 9 at 1 pm – We gathered more than 40 women in Spring 2023. Come help us implement what we heard.
  • Tuesday, Oct 10 at 10:15 am – “Develop Your Purpose Statement” This facilitated “hands-on” session guides you through the steps to crafting your personal purpose statement. Your personal purpose statement is different from a mission statement and it defines why your company exists other than simply making a profit. A clear defined personal purpose statement reflects who you are and what you stand for. It is a guide that will provide you with direction to experience your true purpose with intent. Moderator: Apache 
  • Tuesday, Oct 10 at 11:15 am –  Indigenous Women in Business Panel – 2023. The 2022 version of this panel is what started She Rises Collective! Come hear from this latest panel of Indigenous Women Trailblazers to share their stories of strength and resilience across various sectors. 


  • Joni Matthews – Highest ranking Native American General in the National Guard – CONFIRMED
  • Tracey Cordova – CONFIRMED

Come be inspired by Indigenous Women in Business at this Milwaukee, Wisconsin event. 

Indigenous women in business will rise financially, socially, and spiritually



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