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When She Rises Collective unites Indigenous Women in Business and the leaders around them, tremendous impact is achieved.



From The Retreat 2023

She Rises Collective was the invigoration I needed to continue on with my businesses. I was down on myself before meeting with this group of women and hearing the stories, opinions, struggles, and triumphs of others. Knowing there is room for all of us to win and that we have each other’s backs going forward was a huge win for me.

Kanani- SRC was more than I could ever imagine, it brought ancestral teachings + ancestral power back to the forefront of how we move in the world of business, but also how we come back to our original economies. Our systems were always designed with the latest “technology” long before European contact as we were well developed and sophisticated societies. We managed homes, millions of resources and nourishment, all while passing down this traditional knowledge. The emphasis on who we are as a collective of indigenous people was a potent reminder of how profound our capabilities are when we come together and that’s important in all areas of life. Yawvko

Have already recommended it to others and shared SCORE resources with a family member who started her own business recently. The entire experience was supportive and inspiring. The information and resources were perfect to determine my next steps.

I traveled from Buffalo NY to attend the inaugural She Rises Collective in 2023 as a relatively new business owner. The opening Edge of the Woods session set the stage for a ‘now we are of good minds’ learning experience. The sessions were well organized. The networking and dinner events were culturally relevant and inspiring. I left having made new friends and with a list of things to do. I immediately set myself up with a local SCORE mentor and am going to use one of the other attendees for marketing work. Renita, Seneca Nation.
Renita, Seneca Nation

I think the space you created for woman to come together and be heard, to listen and be apart of something larger than anyone person or business was an amazing experience and I would love to see it grow!

I think this conference brings an awareness to not only women, not only entrepreneurial women but to be Native Women in business. Our group is small and full of challenges, some of us don’t have anyone to turn to when we face challenges and know that there are resources out there help us…so to create a space that gives us the ability to speak, to learn from others is so beneficial and needed!!!

The panel of speakers, relayed information to all indigenous women— I felt even if they were in the world of entrepreneurship they could have still reaped a world of benefits from what was all shared across the board

Indigenous women in business will rise financially, socially, and spiritually



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